When one enemy dies, they all die...

In my enemy script I have the following code for contact with player bullet. However once I destroy an enemy all other enemies sharing the script die also, (note they all have the same tag to), I tried changinga ll their tags to differnt tags, but that was time consuming, and didn’t work. I asusme it’s because the prefabs are all sharing the EnemyLIves Var, as once one enemy is shot they all die. NOw I know this is to do with sharing same script, but the only way i can think of to solve this is to give each enemy a different script, and that I know is not the only way to do it… it can’t be!

static var EnemyLives : int = 1;
function Update() {   
function OnTriggerEnter(otherObject: Collider){
        	if(otherObject.gameObject.tag == "playerbullet1"){

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

static variables are ‘global’ in that all objects that share the same script with a static variable share the value of that static variable. Just change static to public.