When pressing the space bar, the Unity editor detects it as the "O" key, how can I solve this?

Hello, I am having problems with detecting my keyboard keys within unity, I use Ubuntu 20.04 and the editor version is: 2019.4.4f1. The thing is that the Axis Jump was not detecting that I have it configured by default with the space bar, but when updating the version I stop taking the action, when I am checking and change the axis to “O” and press the space bar take, and when using the following script in the console when I press the space bar the letter “O” is also reflected:

foreach(KeyCode vKey in
} }

do you know what might be happening?

In Project Settings check the Input Manager mappings maybe there is some wrong there. Some store assets may change the mapping without informing

It’s not just the spacebar, the whole keyboard’s remapped incorrectly. Add this to your scene and have a look:

public class InputTester : MonoBehaviour
    private string _pressedKeys = string.Empty;

    public void OnGUI() => GUILayout.Label(_pressedKeys);

    void Update()
        var pressedKeys = new List<KeyCode>();
        foreach (KeyCode vKey in Enum.GetValues(typeof(KeyCode))) {
            if (Input.GetKey(vKey)) {

        _pressedKeys = string.Concat(pressedKeys);

Has anyone been able to find a fix for this?