When resize ,texture is grey.

When I resize texture ,texture color is grey. (texture.Resize(Screen.width,Screen.height,TextureFormat.RGB656,false):wink: I need change dynamicly texture format from RGB24 to RGB565. (Texture is render from camera and can only render to RGB24 or ARGB32)

if youre trying to go to RGB565, youre writing TextureFormat.RGB656

i do not see a 656 on : Unity - Scripting API: TextureFormat

Looks like a typo

Texture2D.Resize() is not a method for scaling an existing Texture2D. As per the documentation, after a Resize() is called, the pixels will become undefined (grey). Resize() simply resizes the memory allocated to the texture, similar to the Texture2D constructor, but at runtime. Hope that helps :slight_smile: