When should I use different scenes?

I’m making a simple Tic Tac Toe game.
There’s a menu, where it’s possible to ‘One Player’, ‘Two Player’ and ‘Options’.
If a player chooses, for example, ‘One Player’, it’s again possible to choose the player name, ai name, ai difficulty, starting piece and some other options.
Should I use one scene for the menu, and another scene for the game?
Or would it be easier to just one one scene for all of it and activating and deactivating the different menus?
In other words, when is it good to use multiple scenes, and when is it good enough to just active and deactivate gameobjects?

Thanks in advance.

It’s entirely up to your personal preference. Using a scene for the menu and a scene for the game seems like a good idea to me though. Just saves you some work in having to activate and deactivate the different menus and also resetting the game state. For example if you win / lose and want to go back to menu, you would have to make sure to reset the game variables before playing again. Whereas with a scene based approach this would automatically happen when you reload a scene.