When switching to Full screen on web player, i get me a 4:3 window.

When I right click and select full screen on the web player, in stead of it “filling the screen”, I get a 4:3 box, with black sides. Anyway of correcting that?

It’s because you’re setting the full-screen resolution to 1024x768 by default.

To fix this, in the player settings, change the PC/Mac standalone resolution (not the webplayer resolution) to something like 99999 width and 99999 height. This is the resolution that will be used when switching to fullscreen in the webplayer, except it will not ever actually go higher than the desktop resolution. So essentially using absurdly huge numbers here means “switch to the desktop resolution when going fullscreen in the webplayer.”

Unity switches to the first resolution your monitor supports. Completely ignoring if the monitor has that aspect ratio.

I have found a solution and made a class that handles this. Check out my tutorial on my web page: