When The Animation Plays It Changes Position Of GameObject

Hello guys i have a problem on unity,

I created my own rigs, models etc. on blender and i imported to the unity.
I get some animations from mixamo after the animation adding sequence
I notice that my gameObject moving with the same amount position as the animation has.

I clicked “Apply Root Motion” and I disabled “Apply Root Motion” but nothing happened.

This is the Armature is selected and as you can see my ApplyRoot thing is closed. maybe i need to open something idk thats why i want to ask you

this is animation panel

I figured out.

I was having trouble on animation because its (read-only) just clicked the animation inside of your read-only object 191360-untitled.png and CTRL+D. When you export on the project window without readonly option just click the animation and get in the animation window

After that delete the position to destory your position.