When trying to build to webGL in the unity 5.0.0b11 version we get the erorr: "The type or namespace name `RPC' could not be found "

The version compiles and runs for all other platforms, and also compiles and runs in editor mode when the webGL platform is the active platform.
But when trying to build the webGL for deployment this error occurs everywhere there is a {RPC] annotation.

“error CS0246: The type or namespace name `RPC’ could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?”

Hello roysharon, I was looking for an answer to this myself and this is what I found. Unity - Manual: WebGL Networking

Unfortunately it looks like we will not be able to use RPC Calls in unity WebGL because of from my understanding security reasons :frowning: I hope that in the future this will change but the way it looks for now we would have to completely rewrite our network games to work in unity webgl.

RPC is likely to be removed from Unity 5. It’s a part of Unity’s “old” networking solution which is going to get replaced by a new one in Unity 5.x.

In PUN we already re-implemented the attribute for specific platforms. That worked OK. In general, it’s not a security issue.