When using the google playservices plugin for android getting build errors in the GPGSAndroidSetupUI class

I get an error in this class despite having never touched it myself. what could be causing this?

The line of code giving the error is

Google.VersionHandler.UpdateVersionedAssets(forceUpdate: true);

The errors given are “) expected”,“invalid expression term ‘:’ “, " ; expected”,” ; expected" and "invalid expression term ‘)’ "

EDIT: i am also getting similar erros elswhere in this class and in the class GPGSDependencies class

                svcSupport, "DependOn",
                new object[] { "com.google.android.gms", "play-services-games",
                               PluginVersion.PlayServicesVersionConstraint },
                namedArgs: new Dictionary<string, object>() {
                    {"packageIds", new string[] { "extra-google-m2repository" } }

Turns out that despite mono giving a build error you can build and run and it will be ok