When validating app it only validates with arm7? Why not arm6?

My game runs very smoothly with armv6 but is jerky when I use armv7 architecture. When Validating my app in Xcode 4.3.1 it will not validate the app if set to armv6 architecture. Would someone please help me with this? All of the documentation in Unity says to use armv6 (In the iPhone Guide under Optimizing IOS performance it says “Set the Target Platform to armv6 (OpenGL ES1.1).” That works great. If I set “player settings” to both armv6 and armv7 the game is still jerky and the app size is unacceptable. I also set my Target platform to 4.3 in Xcode.(I don’t know if that matters) Is there a setting in Xcode that I can change to allow validation in armv6? Can I submit the game to the AppStore if I don’t have Validation? Or is this a waist of time?


I answered my own question. The Target Platform in Xcode needs to be set below 4.3. I set it to 3.2 and it accepted the Validation in armv6. Thanx people.