When will 2D Renderer Camera Stacking be supported in URP


I would love to ask mainly the Unity staff, but if anyone else has any kind of information about this, I'd love to hear from you.

So my question is: When approximately will 2D Renderer Camera Stacking be supported in Universal Render Pipeline.

I am in the middle of a development of a 2D game using URP that will last at least a year, and so I would like to know, if I am waiting for the new version, or I have to find another solution (Almost impossible to find any).

Thank you,
Viktor Stopka

Hi! 2D Renderer Camera Stacking has indeed been implemented in the Universal Render Pipeline, the documentation has been just updated to reflect its support and may not appear on the current documents online. Could you let me know which version of URP you are currently using and I can check whether the Camera Stacking update is already live for that version?

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I am using version 7.3.1 of URP, Unity 2019.3.6f1. The 7.3.1 version seems to be the maximal possible version to get.

You will need to wait for v7.4, which should release in a few weeks.

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