When will the Input System be functional again? Broken/unresponsive since 2020.2.0b4

Any ETA on when the Input System will be brought back to life in Unity 2020.2.0bx ?
Since 2020.2.0b4 neither the Input System nor UI Input module respond anymore, leaving games basically brain-dead.

This has not been fixed in the latest update.

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Hi @zapposh ,

Can you please submit a bug report for this issue and reply in here with the issue ID?

I had this same issue and noticed that my input system setting in player settings got reset to the old system. https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.inputsystem@1.0/manual/Installation.html#enabling-the-new-input-backends

Then after you change that back on the EventSystem ui game object click the button to replace the input handling system with the new component.

After i did those changes my project is working again on latest beta.


Confirming that the issue for me was also that Unity switched the Player setting back to the Old Input System, when I am currently using both, so switching it back to Both rectified the issue.


On a somewhat related note, I had this slew of errors resurface whenever I tried to do just about anything involving the Input System after I updated to the beta.
6401659--714206--Input Asset.gif
Pretty sure it's related to this dormant old issue (which seems to have a pull request with an apparent fix already).
After I removed all traces of virtual joysticks from my PC, the input system became usable again, although that's hardly the ideal solution.

We'd really appreciate a reproduction project that demonstrates these automatic settings changes. The settings are not expected to change like that.