When will the official/free Unity/Facebook integration package be available in the Asset Store

Several months ago Unity promoted a new relationship with Facebook that promised a free integration package would be available in the Asset store. When will that package be available in the Asset store?

From a Unity blog post on March 26
“As a result, Facebook will soon release a new, free package to the Unity Asset Store, which wraps the Facebook API into a nice, easy-to-use C# SDK.”
For those of us who have used third party FB integrations over the years, and struggled to deal with periodic disconnects as FB changed their APIs, a FB supported package is highly desireable.
A subsequent post in the forums indicated it would be released before Unite 2013…can we get a more specific date as to when this package will be released?

As an aside, that press release also seemed to indicate Facebook would support the web player as a first class platform. Is there something material happening there as well?

OK, I’ll answer it. It’s available now :wink: