When will the UnityAnswers codebase be updated?

I see all these awesome upgrades being implemented over at Meta StackOverflow (various new badges, system upgrades, new features, etc), and quite frankly, it makes me jealous.

When will UnityAnswers receive a StackOverflow software upgrade, so we can enjoy these benefits, too?

It will not. We will most likely migrate to a different system over time.

UA is basically in limbo, floating aimlessly in time and space, never changing, never growing...

For more information, see both mine and Stelimar's answers at How will UnityAnswers respond to codebase changes in StackOverflow?. Basically, StackExchange has grandfathered existing (successful) sites, not requiring them to upgrade to SE 2.0 (although it's not clear if that is permanent, or only for a year). So it's not really a question of when SE will give the new features to UA, so much as if/when Unity chooses to upgrade.

And UT has chosen to stay with the old codebase. Although personally, I think they should migrate (granted it will be a hassle, but the end result should be worth it).

Update In my comment to Lucas' answer, I said that SE 1.0 (our system) would export all data to UT on request. Apparently I misread their blog posts - based on other posts, it might be that SE will only provide all visible data (which include reputation), but not necessarily other data, such as a person's past voting history. It's very unclear at this point, just what the SE owners are prepared to do. In fact, there is a discussion going on now with them and MathOverflow:

Any Updates on SE 1.0 migration?

What it means for MathOverflow

MathOverflow and StackOverflow

Update 2 Apparently StackOverflow is also worried about poor Questions. It's only been a year since SO started, not sure why they suddenly worry about it now. :)

We'll be migrating from StackExchange in the next few weeks to QATO, which is a re-built-from-the-ground-up-OSQA-with-knobs-on. We are aiming to have a like-for-like replacement in the first instance. Watch for some service announcements in the next week or two.