When will Unity Support .NET 4 to the current Mono Level?

When will Unity Support .NET 4 to the current Mono Level?

I know that this has been asked in round about ways before but I’m going to be the first to ask it clearly.

When will Unity support .NET 4 to the current Mono Level? And yes Mono does support .NET 4 since last year :


Only not Entity Framework, not WCF and not WPF. Those 3 are no great loss as EF and WCF should be done in mid tier services and WWW used to call and WPF is rubbish.

Going Mono was brilliant for the Unity guys to do but not keeping up with the latest framework version supported by Mono is a worrying trend. I can sort of understand why if .NET 2 is where some devices / OS are stuck but surely can’t the new Mono be installed with our games distribution or is Unity worried about compatibility for this and breaking things or in some cases wouldn’t be allowed to install? Would be great if this can be done as we need things like Generics support to be kept up to date and little things (not) like optional parameters for C#.

I will be adding to the requests section please vote for it there if you care :slight_smile:

What I’ve heard from Unity in the past is that they haven’t upgraded to a newer version of Mono (e.g. a version that has support for .NET 4.0) because they haven’t felt that it’s stable enough. However, that being said Unity is releasing a new major version some time in the next month or two, and they may choose to include a Mono upgrade with that. They made the jump from Mono 1.2.5 to Mono 2.6 with the jump from Unity 2.6 to Unity 3 about a year and a half ago, and so they’ll likely choose a major version change for the upgrade to 2.10 (2.8 isn’t considered a stable release by the Mono community). Since 2.10 has only been out about 9 months and there have already been 5 intermediate versions of 2.10, Unity will probably continue to bide their time until they feel 2.10 is fully stable.