Whenever I open up Unity, the window displays incorrectly. Why is it doing this, and how might I fix it?

I’ve tried multiple times to “Revert Factory Settings” for my layout with no success, and this problem appears for new projects and existing projects alike. It’s difficult to describe with words, so I will include pictures to show what it looks like.

In addition, the displayed location of elements is not their actual location. For example, if I wanted to click the Z translation component of the camera, to move it back and forth by sliding the mouse, I would need to click off to the side of the “Z”, instead of directly on it.

After toying around with my computer’s settings, it appears that for whatever reason, my graphics card was causing the issue. I’m using a laptop with switchable graphics, and I hadn’t had issues like this before, but my high power card just doesn’t play well with Unity, it appears.