Wher is the problem? My string isn't behaving...

Well, I was making a true/false quiz game and I decided to load the questions from a text file with a fancy back name(.questionbank). I wrote this nice piece of code

void LoadQuestionBank()
        //initialize from .txt
        List<Question> loadedQuestions = new List<Question>();

        string TheString;

        StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(Application.dataPath + "/" + BankName + ".questionbank",Encoding.Unicode);

        using (sr)
                TheString = sr.ReadToEnd();


                if (TheString != null)
                    List<string> singleLines = TheString.Split('#').ToList();


                    int X = 0;                 

                    foreach (string item in singleLines)


                        if (item[X].Equals("/") && item[X+1].Equals("/") && item[X+2].Equals("/"))

                            bool _isTrue;

                            string fact = item.Substring(X);

                            if (item[X+3].Equals('t'))
                                _isTrue = true;
                                _isTrue = false;

                            Question question = new Question();

                            question.fact = fact;
                            question.isTrue = _isTrue;



                        X = X+1;



            } while (TheString != null);

but it gave me this error:
IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
and said the problem was on this line:
if (item[X].Equals(“/”) && item[X+1].Equals(“/”) && item[X+2].Equals(“/”))

I have no idea what the problem is…
Any help is appriciated!

It would be helpful to know what the structure of your question file is, but your logic looks… funky…

  • You’re looping though every item in singleLines (which in turn is a list of items separated by a # from your questionbank file).

  • Then, you’re looking whether the nth, n+1th, and n+2th character are all forward slashes and creating a question accordingly.

  • Because you increment X on every iteration of the loop, by the time you’re loading the 100th question, say, you’re checking whether the 100th, 101st, and 102nd character of that question are all forward slashes. Is that really what you meant?

  • The error message is saying that it’s encountered a question that simply doesn’t have enough characters to access the index requested.

  • If I had to guess, did you mean for line 31 to always check the first three characters of every question instead?

    if (item[0].Equals(“/”) && item[1].Equals(“/”) && item[2].Equals(“/”))