Where am I put 3d models in my custom unity package

I’m try to make Unity Asset Package and It’s only 3d models,Materials and Textures Only. So where am I put Those???.

Put your 3D models, Materials, and Textures into a folder then right-click the folder and Export Package.

Thanks Everyone for your Valuable time. I’m also find the answer and i will tell how am i do it,

There is a package called asset store tool that you can get free from unity assets store.

How i do it,

  • Make Folder with name of your
  • Make another folder on it
    and name it as your package name.
  • In that folder add your Models,Materials and Textures.
  • It’s better to Organized those too.
  • Finally Create Scene folder and add all your asset on it.

That’s pretty much it.

For Checking is that you do it correctly,

Window —> Asset Validater and Set path to your company name folder.(we make early)

It will say anything that you want to do.

Thank you