Where are all my projects getting bad inputs from?

For some unity is receiving both vertical and horizontal inputs at all times when running any unity project. Specifically as if I was pressing A and W in a WASD controlled character/camera. I’ve tried using a different keyboard I’ve tried unplugging all my usb devices (even though none of them are controllers) and even my mouse. But yet for some reason I’m still getting W and A inputs. I’ve tried doing a fresh install of unity even clearing the cache in AppData and resetting all the defualts. Also I’m not sure when this problem started so I have no clear idea of what could be causing it. Does anybody have any idea where this/these input(s) are coming from? And if you have any ideas how to get rid of them. Any help appreciated thanks.

PS: Id like to add that none of these inputs happen with anything outside of unity.

I figured out the problem myself. Turns out Track Ir although it wasn’t plugged in or anything the program (which also was not running as a process) was interfering and causing these bad inputs.