Where are my components???


I am trying to add a SIMPLE box collider to a game object and it isn’t showing up I the “Add Component” drop down.

I’m new at this so I’m sure this is something simple as adding a new component library or something like that but I’m getting frustrated so I’m not getting anywhere with it.

Even things like “RigidBody” aren’t there. Is this a thing where I haven’t imported a physics package when I created the project? ACK!

Please help me find my missing components.

ITs strange…

They should be there.

Did you tried to reinstall Unity? Follow some tutorial about how to install it, maybe you selected some eption during installation.

Good luck!

Go to the help pulldown and choose option to reset all packages to default.

There is a warning below that tells whats happening. Look like you deleted packages in the manifest file.

I have the same problem,I have the same problem as well.