Where are my textures

I have Unity version 3.5 and was able to import an obj file just fine with textures and all. The size of the file in Unity was 70 kb, in maya it’s 5.2 mb. This is weird to me. So I started over and imported the model in a 3ds file and the textures weren’t there and the file in Unity was 74 kb but in the 3ds it’s 1.6 mb. I, then, imported both the obj and 3ds into Unity and can’t get textures with either one. What am I missing or doing wrong? How can I get the textures? Also, does it seem right that the file sizes in Unity are tiny?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to avoid problems, just export the textures seperately and then recombine them in Unity. It’s really not hard. As for the size discrepancies, as you probably guessed it’s not importing the textures along with the main file- so just export them seperately.