Where are tesselation shaders?

It is said in latest Beta Release Notes -> Improvements:

DX11: Added Tessellation Shaders standard package, with Tessellation/Bumped Specular (displacement) (adaptive flat tessellation with displacement mapping) and Tessellation/Bumped Specular (smooth) (adaptive Phong tessellation) shaders.

But as I open Unity 4 beta 11, create new material I see no such shaders, also I see no such shaders in Built-in Shaders from Unity Pro 4.0 Pre-Order Beta Download page.

So where are they??? How to add such shader to material/mesh/gameObject? How to read shader source?

Hi. The Tassellation Shaders must be imported. They are situated in “Standard packages”. So you have to import them by clicking with the right mouse button on the Project page → Import PackageTassellation Shaders (DX11).

P.S.: First of all you must enable the DirectX 11 option in EditProject SettingsPlayer and then in the menu that appear click on Other settings and finally click on Use Direct3D 11.

ADVICE: use the last Unity public release so that it works fine.