Where are textures found inside Unity?

When I go to import assets, textures, or anything else for that matter is nowhere to be found. I know Unity is in two places, Program Files (Where I set it to install) and MyDocuments. MyDocuments only has my saved projects, so I assume it should be in the Program Files. But when I open it, it gives me this:



Can someone please instruct me on where to go from there, or if I’m in the wrong place overall. I just want the regular brick, water, metal(1&2), and grass, none of the Asset Store stuff, and I assume the textures came with the program, and I’m just making the biggest human error recorded in the history of ever.

Those are in projects. If you open up the sample project you’ll find some. If you add the Standard Assets and Sample Assets packages (free in asset store) you get some textures. You can make your own or get them however you want but store them under Assets in a project (most people put them in a folder called Textures under Assets). But textures are not ‘in’ Unity. How do you put an infinite amount of resources in anything? So it’s in projects, where ever you store them (like the sample project)