Where are the decal projectors in URP 2021.2a20


I am not normally one to go for alphas but I couldn’t contain my curiosity :wink:

Currently checking out some new stuff in URP in the latest alpha but I cannot find the decal projectors?

There is no component, shadergraph or render feature. Is it coming in a next build?


Just to be clear - as I am not confused. The documentation of URP 12 mentions decals.

Do I have to enable or download something?

Did you try the things in the documentation about how to use the feature?

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It’s there on the main branch on GitHub, but the URP version in the current alpha doesn’t seem to be in sync. Difficult to tell which version you’re actually getting, since it’s always just v12.0.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be that a cached version is installed, but I’ve tried clearing the packages cache, yet don’t see several of the new features, including decals.

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Thanks for the reply - yes I have gone through the documentation but the component simply is not there.

Thanks for the reply - will check out the main branch.

The next release of 2021.2 will include an update for the URP package.


Correction of my previous statement, it will be in the build after a21.


Thanks for the update!

Hi, I’m using the LTS version (2020.3.26). My URP package is 10.8.1, and it doesn’t let me update it in the Package Manager.
Can anyone confirm that if I update to version 2021 I’ll be able to update the URP package and get the decals? I really need them, but I don’t want to move to a less stable version if I can avoid it.

Hi @LeonhardP

Will the decal update be rolled into 2021.1.28f1 by chance? Our production is frozen on that build version. :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately no, 2021.1 is no longer receiving any updates since 2021.2 has been released. For more info: https://unity.com/releases/lts-vs-tech-stream

Darn. That's unfortunate.. I guess it's not an easy fix, such as downloading from package manager a "decal shader graph for 11.1" for 2021.1 users eh?