Where are the shadowmap texelsizes are located in Unity URP?

Hi all!

If I would like to learn about how Unity deals with the texelsizes of the shadowmap. As far as I know, the texelsize are taken into consideration during the rotation of the directional light source “camera”.

Where can I find the texelsize variables of the shadowmap?

Till now I found these variables below, but I bet there could be more. Unfortunately, I don’t know Unity from the inside really well.

In the side of Unity in com.unity.render-pipelines.universal@14.0.8\Runtime\Passes\MainLightShadowCasterPass.cs:

// in the SetupMainLightShadowReceiverConstants() method:
float invShadowAtlasWidth = 1.0f  / renderTargetWidth;
float invShadowAtlasHeight = 1.0f / renderTargetHeight;
// in the SetEmptyMainLightCascadeShadowmap() method:
                new Vector4(1f / m_EmptyLightShadowmapTexture.rt.width,
                                       1f / m_EmptyLightShadowmapTexture.rt.height, 

In com.unity.render-pipelines.universal@14.0.8\Runtime\ShadowUtils.cs:

float texelSize = frustumSize / shadowResolution;

Any help is appreciated!