Where can i begin to learn how to make an inventory. (Javascript).

So im making a game and i need a basic inventory. I could most likley figure it out if someone can point me in the right direction. All i have right now is when you press “e” the game pauses and it displays a box titled inventory. Where can i go frome here?


Your post (as it appears now) isn’t something we can give you a quick answer for, and isn’t really appropriate for UnityAnswers. The UnityAnswers philosophy is:

“[Unity Answers] is a place to ask specific questions that have specific answers. The forum is a better place to post discussions and non-technical questions.”
It sounds like what you’re looking for is Unity training, rather than a specific answer. I would suggest visiting the following training websites to find the one that best helps you move forward. In addition to the sites below, you can always search YouTube, which has a large number of user-created Unity tutorials.