Where can I download the latest Unity3d editor (version 5.1.1) via torrent?

I need to download it via torrent because I have a slow internet connection which interrupts frequently. The unity installer hence gets interrupted and I have to resume the download as it does not resume. The torrent will resolve this problem because I can then download it in 1 to 2 days. If the torrent service was discontinued, can I alt least know why? In the mean time I will attempt to download it via the installer.

Thanks in advance and cheers!

Will this one do?


Edit : One more


These links wont last forever so get it while you can.

And heres the thread they came from


Thanks for the reply it was very useful.
In that link someone said (not literally) “looks like every version that end with 0 has a via torrent download” so that’s all you need… take a look at 5.3.0; 5.2.0; and so on

i think unity is not available in torrent any more. i think torrent must be available for downloading because of many factors, as , slow internet speed, electricity break down, data corruption, resume capability problems, and internet data plan time and bandwidth problems.