Where can I download the PS4 Module for Unity 5.5.0p4

Where can I download the PS4 Unity Module? I activated Unity with support for building PS4, but the downloads page link from the Build Settings page is taking me a to a 404 error page.

This is the link from the Build Settings page:


Thank you!
Diego Castaño

Start by registering with Sony. Than you can download Unity for PS4.

Hi Diego,

You’ll first need to contact Sony to become a registered PS4 developer:

Once that step is completed, you should be able to access the Unity forums on the Sony Devnet site. The PS4Player cant be downloaded from there.


Go to ps4 section in devnet site,go to forum,unity forum,search link unity ps4,download last version,open unity and select all (visual studio,shop sistem,ps now,ps plus ecc),play unity,on build setting click ps4 module and change platform,create game,build for ps4,buy dev kit on official Playstation site,connect dev kit to wi fi,PC and monitor,import progect in dev kit via PC,test game,go to unity and publish