Where can I find good tutorial of Mobile FPS Controller?

I want to learn how to create mobile controls for my first person 3d game. I need to make mobile joystick which leads to walking and another one for camera look.
There are plenty of trash tutorials on youtube so i can’t find the simple one that i desire.
Without 3rd party assets import or standart assets.
So what can you advice for me? Any links to good tutorials?

That is a very interesting Question.

Yet I believe what you need to know is that you need 2 “virtual joysticks”

  1. Movement
  2. Rotation

And then you have buttons for your actions.
(As you already claimed)

This is a simple and “well” explained video in my Opinion on how to do those exact things.
It is better than most I found at least.

Also, why don’t you just use the standard assets? It is completely well useable. For the start, it is a good replacement.