Where can I find my TMP material?

I am using TextMeshPro and I want to edit two different items. For example, if I change the outline of one item, it will change for all the others as well. I know that I have to assign a different material for any items I want to change separately, but I don’t know how. Where can I find the material my TMP object is using and how can I duplicate it and assign it to another TMP item?

In Project view (your assets files) find the tmp font you’re using. Materials share the same name when created, so it shouldn’t be difficult to just type part of the font name in the search field for assets. Once you find the material with that name, just CTRL-D to Duplicate and then it will be available to assign to TMP text via the inspector.

@LilGames I found my font in the assets folder and there are 2 “children” under it. The font atlas and the material. When I duplicate the material, the copy goes to a “Fonts” folder that I have created(That is where my font itself is in). But where from in the Inspector can I change the material?