Where can I find the SmoothFollow.js on 5.1?

I’m reading a tutorial of Unity on 5.0.
In its case, there is a “Scripts/SmoothFollow.js” when choose the import packages.

But it is different in my Unity5.1, the “Scripts” is gone.

I guess it has been integrated to the each of the features’ sections. As I can find 8 .cs files in my “imports packages/Cameras/Scripts” below:

‘AbstractTargetFollower.cs’, ‘AutoCam.cs’, ‘FreeLookCam.cs’, ‘HandHeldCam.cs’,‘LookatTarget.cs’,‘PivotBasedCameraRig.cs’,‘ProtectCameraFromWallClip.cs’,‘TargetFieldOfView.cs’

But still, there are not the ‘SmoothFollow.js’.

So where is it? Or is there any new functions can instead of it?

maybe u can create a new script and refer to this: