Where can I get a zombie model from minecraft for my game in unity

Anyone know a URL for a minecraft zombie model for download(that’s no more then 7 bucks and is no virus)?

Hi Gaming Dudester,
Technically this would be removed by a moderator for being off topic, and asking for a model, but I will help you out. There are plenty of websites that can offer you this type of thing such as Turbosquid, Exchange3D, and 3Delicious. You really just needed to google: 3d Model sites. To save you some time: http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Index.cfm?keyword=minecraft+zombie But please, In the future, just go on one of these sites

Check the Asset Store or perhaps TurboSquid, or something like OpenGameArt. There’s plenty of minecraft shaped models on the asset store. Quality may vary so check before buying to prevent disappointment.