where can I get the overdraw shader used in the authoring scene


Is the shader used for the overdraw effect available somewhere? You can view it in the authoring scene tab , the second drop down is normaly set to rgb but you have other options, including overdraw.

Thanks of your hints.



The simplified version of the shader we use:

Shader "Overdraw" {
Properties {
    _MainTex ("Base", 2D) = "white" {}

SubShader {
    Fog { Mode Off }
    ZWrite Off
    ZTest Always
    Blend One One // additive blending

    Pass {
        SetTexture[_MainTex] {
            constantColor(0.1, 0.04, 0.02, 0)
            combine constant, texture

The full shader has some special passes to handle trees waving in the wind, billboarded leaves and grass. But the above should get you started. :)