Where can I learn about javascript??

I’ve done google searches, ive tried following the tutorials but none of them are actually workable or helpful.
This sounds arrogant I know but I have spent weeks trying to make a cube appear, instantiated through script.
I find tutorials that claim to be designed for someone with no experience with JavaScript but what they mean is ‘no experience using javascript in unity’ and thus don’t bother explaining why they are doing some things, use complicated shorthand scripting expecting me to know whats happening and generally causing more confusion that I started with.
Also, the Unity tutorials themselves all seem to be outdated (might be wrong) and just don’t work with the new version because certain functions and stuff seem to have been changed (The Lerpz tutorial for example - it took m about 5 hours to work out that Unity 4 uses a different particle system setup to the one the tutorial was made for and thus all the scripting that required a certain word was using the wrong word and I had to bodge my way through trying to find the bugs just to continue on to the next part of the tutorial which had other scripting problems.

They seem to assume everyone has 20 years industry experience using scripting.
My problem is that I don’t even know what I don’t know yet. I need fundamental info like ‘where do you declare a variable and why’ and ‘what process does typing this bit of script begin’.
It’s one thing following tutorials but I don’t feel I’m ever learning the reasons for doing what I’m doing.
Also I found a few articles that broke down javascript into understandable chunks but that was almost useless because it was out of context (not for games) and I couldn’t hope to use any of it myself.

Does anyone know where I can find some info genuinely designed for scripting noobs?
The Unity manual also seems to assume I know how to script and says things like ‘this command does X function’ but I dont even know what the X would be useful for so it goes over my head lol.

To illustrate my frustrations I read a lot of this: ‘declare a variable then just use script to place it in the scene.’ I know that vector3 can be used to give coordinates but I wouldnt know where to write that code or what syntax to use.

Thanks for reading!


  1. read the first chapters of a Javascript book.

  2. Try those tutorials again.

The problem is quite simple; you trying to tackle two things you have no idea how to do, and one is dependent on the other. Learn the basics of the first one first, on it’s own, away from Unity. Then come back to scripting in unity.

try http://www.codeacademy.com, it’s not the specialised javascript for Unity, but it will help you understand the syntax.