Where can I learn c#?

I genuinely want to make a switch game. I have never made one before (full) and Gamemaker ST2 is not really working out. I want to start with unity so I don’t have to transition from no code, to learning code.

Does anyone know where I can learn c#, or JavaScript (if it is any better, I really don’t know)

i like to use C# but you can learn it from the unity tutorials


they show how to do every thing and walk through how to doeverything
and when you get stuck you can ask on here like you did with this

One good thing about Unity is that a lot of game making can be done with Unity’s drag-and-drop UI, Asset Store and prefabs, so although it is great if you have coding experience, but not necessary. (If you have some GameMaker gml scripting experience it will help, both C# and JS are fairly similar). Many seem to believe that C# is more capable than javascript, I find it easier to understand and debug (but I am also a veteran C and C++ programmer), but if you are doing any mobile games or webpage content, you should learn java too (Android is java based). Unity even allows you to use both in the same project! I have java experience from HTML programming and have found that C# is pretty similar to java (and C++ also, Unreal Engine’s language of choice).
OK, last thing, the best place to learn C#? I have seen great books like ‘C# For Dummies’ and websites with great C# tutorials, but it is way better to do one that relates to using C# (or java) in Unity. Fortunately, Unity has C# and java tutorials that walk you from the basics in scripting (aka coding, aka programming). They are the best because it’s already code that is ‘Unity-Friendly’. They also have tutorials on using Unity.
Try these, they were great at refreshing my memory:

That’s C# and java tutorials by Unity, simple, step-by-step instructions with code and video. Try each one and also read the Unity Documentation and Script Reference, they have been the most informative (and most accurate) source of info for me.

Some of the unity tutorials are ok, but if you’re like me and didn’t know anything about coding, this is the BEST place to start (IMO):
The course is valued at $194 but DONT BUY IT YET. It goes on sale all the time. I think I purchased it at around $12 so maybe see if they can notify you when it goes on sale. Seriously may be the best $12 I ever spent. Good luck!