Where can I see the effects of the sprite padding power?

When I change the value of the sprite packer padding power in the editor settings, I don’t see any change to the sprite atlases in the Sprite Packer window. My expectation would be that the gaps between the sprites in the sprite atlas would become wider and narrower. I’ve tried this with enabling and disabling the mipmaps on my sprites, changing the sprite packer policy, and changing the sprite mesh type, and I still haven’t seen any effects in the generated sprite atlas. Any ideas as to what I should be looking for?

Unity usually “bleeds” sprites out, instead of putting empty space between them. This helps create a cleaner, more seamless effect, in some situations (for instance, tiles which are snug close together with a contrasting color behind them).

The easiest way to see what it’s doing is to make a simple atlas with a couple of textures at a Power-of-2 size, and see if they fit. Then shrink them until the Sprite Atlas wraps them tightly. That should allow you to mathematically determine what the Padding Power does.

(NOTE: Based on my own experiments, the new 2017.1 Sprite Atlas doesn’t seem to be using this setting at all. It looks like I’m getting the same padding, regardless of the setting.)

I wanna know this,too.