Where did Gamepad > North go?

I think i used to be able to assign gamepad buttons based on cardinal directsion, e.g. North/East/South/West. This because 'X (Gamepad)' is not X on my gamepad. Only when reading the documentation, not visible in the UI, is it explained that that is an XBOX gamepad.

This is from version 0.9.6: 6611443--752395--upload_2020-12-11_11-28-14.png
This is from version 1.0.1: 6611443--752398--upload_2020-12-11_11-30-0.png

In the upper left of the window, do you have it set to Gamepad?
If it's set to All Control Schemes or anything other than the scheme you're binding for, the bindings won't show up.

Either on All or Gamepad they dont show up, but thanks for thinking with me!

Reported it as an issue, apparently its broken in 2019.4.5f1 but fixed in .16