Where do Application.LoadLevel() and Resources.Load() load from?

Hi Unity community.
I am starting to work with Unity and I can’t find a clear answer to this question. Does Application.Loadlevel() load a scene from a file on the hard drive to RAM or is it loaded at startup and then LoadLevel only sort of activates it. I am wondering because in my tests loading is very fast. But given we have to manually destroy objects afterwards, I would tend to the HDD to RAM loading.
Same question with Resources.Load(): load from file to RAM or already present in RAM?

Thanks for your answers.


Application.LoadLevel() will load a level that is added in the build settings (shift + ctrl + B). Yes, leves are saved on HDD. This method starts loading the specified level to memory and freezes the player until the level loading is complete. For huge scenes, you may consider using Application.LoadLevelAsync().

Resources.Load() will load the specified resource to memory from any folder named “Resources” inside your Assets folder in your HDD.