Where do debug logs go in builds?

I've started building my project and running it, and it performs much better with --no-graphics. However, for some reason the mean rewards start off 10x higher than running with graphics. Even if I start a run with no graphics and resume it with graphics, it goes back to normal.

I'm trying to debug my build, and other resources online say that there should be an output.txt inside the "Project_Data" folder inside my build. However, I don't see any output files anywhere in the build or in AppData.

I have "Development Build" and "Script Debugging" checked in my build options

Oh nevermind, they go in the results folder under the run

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Also, in case anyone in the future ever notices --no-graphics behaving weirdly - I accidentally put a gamepad button check in the execution path, and even though my gamepad (PS5 controller) has been plugged in the entire time, with graphics it did not cause any exceptions or oddities but --no-graphics did not detect the gamepad and threw a null reference exception on gamepad.leftShoulder.isPressed

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