Where do I find an interrupted import to delete it?

I purchased the awesome Icon 1 package, but had to interrupt the import while creating a new project, because the cancel button didn’t seem to work. Now I have 2 gigs of that interrupted import floating around somewhere on my tiny ssd drive and I need to find it to delete it.

What folder on a Win10 machine holds the temp files during the import process? I should mention that I’ve set up the asset store to be forwarded to an external drive, but the import process obviously remains on the C drive and was never cleaned up because it was interrupted. (The package itself was downloaded to the external drive and that’s not the issue.)


Total guess here, haven’t had this issue or did any research before answering:
I’d look into my project folder for the Temp directory and delete that, if it’s there.

If not, I’d go through AppData (make sure you see hidden files too) and look for Unity or stuff related to it. Would also just check folders properties to see where I could find folders bigger than 2Gb. Otherwise, if you are sure that the files stayed on your disk somewhere, you can always contact Unity support and see if they can give you a straight answer.
Good luck!