Where do I find static batching statistics?

I enable static batching on a scene with ~1000 objects each made of ~10 submeshes. There are perhaps around ~80 materials in the entire scene.

In the rendering statistics window I see that there are about 2000 draw calls/batches issued per frame.

I would like to know why, since in theory, there could be only 80 or so (the number of materials). (Even taking into account a 65k limit on the combined vertex buffer which I imagine is in place, that’s still not 2000 draw calls.) Where can I find detailed statistics on what resources change between the batches in Unity?

Well, have you ticked the “static” checkbox on your gameobjects? If not they won’t be batched. Static batching can only be used for objects that doesn’t move / rotate / scale at runtime (since they are static).

If the objects should be able to move they can’t be “statically batched”. For dynamic objects dynamic batching might apply but it has some heavy limitations.

Read the docs about dynamic and static batching for more details.