Where do i get the bootcamp demo ?

Okay, so i know that there was a problem of bootcamp demo installing in the wrong directory. I just downloaded the updated 3.2 version, and assumed it was fixed, but no, it stupidly, stupidly tries to jam in on the C: drive. Well i DONT HAVE 600 free megs on C: drive. Where am i supposed to get the demo project ?

At least the island demo is available to download from the unity website... Can someone PLEASE zip up the bootcamp demo and upload it somewhere ?

Have you tried cleaning up your C drive? Not just clearing all your caches, and local temp folder, but delete (or move to CD/DVD) thing you really just don't need? You can also compress folders you don't use that often. Defragging sometimes frees up a little extra too.

,It’s a shame that

It’s a shame that a dorkwad can mess up the free flow of info. Does anybody have an answer to it’s question, however? I installed (re-installed) Unity, and can’t locate the boot camp demo.

1,000 thanks!

D-oh! I just found it under c:/users/public documents/unity projects

I’d been looking under the user directory that I had installed it in…