Where do i have to start to make a game?


Me and my friend wants to make a game but we dont know where to start. We are 17 years old and basic java knowledge learned from school and C++. But where do we have to start?

  1. Making models in 3ds so that we can import them to make a game.
  2. Begin with learning scripts?
  3. Or just start with unity and all the things it needs.

I hope my question is clear. We dont have to make an awesome game but basic games or an ugly fps like doom 1 :) .

I have saw on youtube on the channel tornadotwins some good tutorials.

All's you'll ever need:


Whenever I talk to someone who is just about to start out with Unity I always refer them to the 3D platformer tutorial. It's slightly dated so it doesn't feature all the new things in Unity 3.0, but it should definitely help teach you what Unity will and won't do for you.

Other than that, all I can really say is, figure out what you want to do before you attempt do it. Basically, decide what kind of game you want to make, try to visualize it in your head and think about what mechanics you will need, what you will need to learn aside from what you already have basic knowledge of and potential issues. It will help you loads with formulating your problems, which in turn will help you when you either ask for help or when googling.

If you want to use C# with your games check out this youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/steamisM50

cgcookie has good tutorials for 3ds max, here is the link: http://max.cgcookie.com/

Unity has an fps tutorial on their website in the resources section: http://unity3d.com/support/old-resources/tutorials/fpstutorial

I hope this helps, MeatbagWammo

I learned with brackeys and the unity manual.

You should check out Lynda.com it is a website with tons ov step by step videos on games design coding and everything to do with computers. Hope this helps