where do i place this leadbolt code?

ok i can not seem to place this code anywhere with out errors can anyone help.

This is what the leadbolt website tells me but where do i put the code?

“Add the following single section of code to your app’s main script file to integrate an AppFireworks module on entry (Location: welcome), a Leadbolt interstitial ad (loaded if the AppFireworks module/location is disabled and fails to load) and an audio ad. Analytics data will also be gathered”

void Start()
	// Initialize Ad serving + AppFireworks
	// LeadboltController.setLandscapeMode ("1"); // un-comment for Landscape mode
	LeadboltController.createAdWithSectionId ("YOUR_LB_AUDIO_ID");

	// AppTracker.setLandscapeMode (true); // un-comment for Landscape mode
	AppTracker.onModuleFailedEvent += onModuleFailedEvent;

void onModuleFailedEvent()

void loadDisplayAd()
	// Use this function elsewhere in your App to display a Leadbolt interstitial Ad
	LeadboltController.createAdWithSectionId ("YOUR_LB_INTERSTITIAL_ID");
	// LeadboltController.loadAdToCache(); // Un-comment and place appropriately to cache Ad

You need to add the code above inside a class. Create a new C# script, delete empty Update() and Start() methods, paste the code above inside the class. Don’t know anything about leadbolt, so I cannot say if there are other issues, but putting the code inside a class will get rid of the ‘namespace’ issue.