Where do I Start?,Where Do I Start to Make a First Person Horror Game?

Hello, Where do I start to make a first-person Horror Game? I’m new to the Unity Engine & System, So can you Point me in the Right Direction? Thanks,I’m new to the Unity Engine & Was not sure where to start to make this kind of game. I’m going to be building the game from the Ground Up. So what courses do I take to make a Game Like this?

Definitely check out the Unity tutorials: https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials.

I would start with the Space Shooter tutorial: [Archived] Space Shooter - Unity Learn
-It teaches a lot of basic Unity processes while hitting most the fundamentals you’ll need for your game, such as shooting, destroying objects, audio, and more!

Then I would go with “Let’s Try Shooting with Raycasting” under the mini-tutorials: Let's Try: Shooting with Raycasts - Unity Learn
-Shows you how to set up the basic FPS controller, do raycasting for shooting, and even applying damage to objects (then destroying them).

There’s plenty of more tutorials to learn many things, but this is where I would start to get you on your way.