Where do I start with making a survival game?

I have stories, I have recourses, I have everything planned. But where do I start with coding?

Thank you!

Since you have achieved the stories and the resources, now it is all on you.
The best part of game creation is that you get to use your imagination.
Start testing different things and see what fits your game.

But if I had to tell you the first thing you should do, it would be the menu. The menu is important. Create the menu, and any possible settings for the menu. And then have it take you to the game scene.

After that, the game is all up to you.

I now have a “Working” menu made. Thank you SOOOO much.

Take a look at Unity’s intermediate scripting tutorials on youtube. They will give you a good understanding of how to build a project from the ground up in an easily scalable fashion. After that figure out which core mechanic will be the most important to your game and start working off of that. Try using a planner like trello to organize and prioritize tasks.