Where do I start?

Hey everybody.
I am new here and I have a question. Let me before I ask tell you what I know and what I don't.
A few months ago I started to learn 3d modelling, I don't know everything about modelling yet but I can say that I can make a simple (but good) environments. I don't know anything about programming or animation or character creation.

So my question is where do I start? It is obviously so of you will say that I should start from the thing that I already know and can do which is creating and environment, the first level, but after I do that will I be wasted my time on something that I can't continue and assemble a very simple game together? I mean I don't know anything about programming and I can't learn such very complicated thing, if I want to put a main menu scene it will be a challenge for me not to mention an entire gameplay.
I know that nobody can make a game all by himself but I would like to know that I will get to some point where I will have something that others like maybe a programmer and animator will help me to continue.. So where do I start and will I be wasting my time on something I will not be able to complete?

Why not start here :

Lots of good stuff by Unity themselves.


Since artists seems the be the route you want to take focus on the interface and how to setup your scenes and lighting, particles, and all that stuff. Once you are proficient in creating good looking scenes you can start to look for a dev to help you..

End of the day you can't really accomplish much in terms of a game without development. There is a 3rd party thing called Play Maker that is a visual scripting of sorts. I don't know much about it, but that might also be something you look into.