Where do Indie Developers Sell their games?

I know there is a dedicated page for this. But I wanted a personal view straight from the developers pov. Where can we sell are “good enough” and good polished games to make a decent living :).

Here is my take on where an indie developer can sell his game.

For Selling IOS Games there is only one option that is Apple Itunes(Apple Appstore). You need developer account for it which is 99$ per year.

For Selling Android Games- If you want sell android games you have multiple choices you can sell them on Google Play, Amazon Appstore as well as there more than dozen other AppStore. Here is one big list of Android App Store http://www.drmop.com/index.php/2011/10/08/the-big-list-of-android-app-stores-where-to-sell-and-what-to-void/

For Selling Desktop Games- You can always sell the desktop games on Steam Platform. http://store.steampowered.com/publisher/Valve
It is the most successfull game distribution platform for selling standalone Games for Pc Amd Mac. And you can also sell the games from your own site directly. But that is not secure from piracy like Steam is.

For Selling Web-Player Games- You can always host your games on 3rd party websites like http://www.kongregate.com/?gclid=CPWisuDUvbUCFY966wodLjgAPQ and earn revenue from advertisements. Kongregate is just an example. There are multiple other sites for hosting the games and earning revenue as an indie developer.

Many Indies also release the games for consoles like Xbox360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii. As far as i know XboxLive Game Indie License only costs 99 USD. http://xbox.create.msdn.com/en-US

Sony’s PlayStation 3 SDK is only available to registered game development companies. The SDK contains software tools and an integrated hardware component, and also requires a licensing agreement with Sony – and around $5,000, as of November 2012.

thanks mate…gives me confidence that I can atleast feed myself and my family …knew about android and iphone…but I thought steam chooses its games to sell …I did not know anyone could put it there…will defintely look into it …thanks again …

I’d say you need to sell your game(s) on Derusa or on Steam. Because of this, you might have to advertise your game to make money. You can put your ad on youtube or use google ads to advertise your game.