Where has the "GUI tutorial" gone?


throughout the official scripting reference documentation, such as on the page for the GUI class, I am frequently stumbling across a link to a “GUI tutorial”:


But that URL doesn’t seem to be valid anymore (“Page not found”).

Does anyone know if and where that tutorial might still exist?
At least I couldn’t find it on the official page for tutorials.

There are also frequent references to a (maybe somewhat older) “GUI Essentials Tutorial”, but the link I found for it is also broken:


Can anyone help me out with some updated links to these docs?


So, the links in the scripting reference are currently broken. (May 2013). These links should point to the user guide and reference guides, but for reasons not known, they all point to the Manual. The link you want is:

Note that all that I have done is replace the Manual with Components.

This will get corrected just as soon as I get my whip and locate the doc team.

Regarding the tutorials, these have been removed, and are slowly being replaced with the content on the new Learn site.