Where Has Unity Iap Scripting Reference Gone?

Since IAP has moved to a separate package, it's sections in the Scripting Reference have been removed. Here's the link to version 5 docs, and here's the link that have gone 404, but is still the top Google result for many related searches:


Now, Unity have created separate "package list" page with links to documentation for each of the packages, but the IAP entry simply links to the IAP section in the manual, which only has guides, but no API reference. The "View documentation" link in the package description also leads there.

So, now we don't have API reference for the current IAP anywhere - or at least anywhere I was able to find (which would be a little embarrassing for me, but still say a lot about quality of documentation).

IAP was already painful to work with and debug as it is, and this removal makes my job so much needlessly harder. This makes me feel very frustrated and angry at whoever at Unity have thought it was a good decision. First of all, please don't turn pages that returned useful results to 404: you can at least explain where the relevant documentation has been moved. You're breaking a lot of links and google result pages this way.

But most importantly, guides are not substitutes for API docs. Guides and tutorials are good, but they merely walk you through a happy path when you first get acquainted with something. But when you dig into existing codebase to debug a weird issue, you want an explicit API reference with details about every parameter and return value. The manual is sorted by topic; but API documentation is organised by namespaces and methods, and when I want to look up a particular class, I want to find a page that's dedicated to it instead of trying to understand what "topic" is related to it.

Please, bring back IAP scripting reference, with documentation versions for each version of the package.


Documentation is there up to 2018.2:
I really am not impressed by Unity IAP so far.

Understood on the concern. As we are moving more towards Package Manager, we've had to adjust our documentation work flow, and it's still a work in progress. It is something we are actively working on, apologies on the inconvenience.

Until now , it is also 404, how ridiculous about it!

Still no updates on this? Also, why is Unity IAP in the package manager 2.0.6, but on the Asset Store it's version 1.23.4?

Still cannot find complete documentation, this makes working with Unity IAP very frustrating.

What is the issue? Nothing major has changed in the API, the old documentation still applies. What problems are you having?

I can regard the document of 2018.2 as roughly correct and applicable, only after find out this thread and this post of you.
For now, in order to dig into the detail, I need to go through the “legacy” document, the changelog and possibly its source codes as well, without knowing the exact package version in the document…
I’m a bit tired of trying to find accurate one from all the fragmented information.

You can say “this is correct” for now, but this doesn’t apply to future version in few weeks or months.
Unity should somehow show the reliable reference.

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Sorry I don’t quite follow, you are concerned about missing documentation for changes that we haven’t made yet? What specific information are you looking for? If the API hasn’t changed, there no pressing need to update the documentation.

The problem is that you have been

the documentation for 1.5 years and people still have a hard time finding what they’re searching for.

The light bulb comes on. The IAP docs have been “removed” not just “not updated”. This link works https://docs.unity3d.com/2018.2/Documentation/ScriptReference/Purchasing.IStoreListener.html but when you click on Go to current version, it magically disappears. You would somehow need to know to go to 18.2, not entirely intuitive :slight_smile: So here’s the deal. We are moving IAP to an all Package Manager package soon, so you don’t need both the Asset Store and the Package Manager packages. The documentation for the Package Manager version “should” be available then.

Hi @JeffDUnity3D , do you have an ETA when the documentation will be available?

I just found this thread and can fully agree my predecessors, it's very time intensive to work without up-to-date/clear docs and waste a lot of development time.

There haven't been many updates to the API since that publish date. May I ask, what is missing for you?

You need to have the documentation people are supposed to use on a web page that doesn't say:
As otherwise people will believe that the documentation is legacy - ie. not up to date, since you're telling them that.

I don't get what's happening with documentation at Unity in general. It seems like you went to the change to packages with no plans or roadmap for how to support that switch documentation-wise, and haven't been able to implement anything that's workable since.

And I don't get it. None of your products - none - have any value if we can't find out how to use them. And none of the teams seems interested in, like, their work being used by anyone? Why are you even doing the work, then? The documentation for a current feature just being available on a legacy webpage is the tip of the "documentation being available to the user is somebody else's problem" iceberg.

As mentioned, we are moving Unity IAP to an all-Package Manager solution, which uses it’s own documentation process. We are still a few months from that, and finding a few bumps in the road. The docs you point to are accurate, granted they are difficult/impossible to find for new users! Thankfully you’ve found them now.

Thanks for the reply @JeffDUnity3D .

The part I am missing is regarding SubscriptionManager class and APIs and how to setup and handle renewable (or other) subscriptions for iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The only doc I found is here in the forums, is this correct?

A Google search for "Unity SubscriptionManager" returns the following for me as the first link https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/UnityIAPSubscriptionProducts.html