Where have I gone wrong with my Script?


Could someone help me please? I’m practicing to write scripts and I thought I was doing OK, but I have tried to write this script on my own and I keep getting errors. Am I on the right track with this script and could someone please help me fix it? Or is this script completely wrong and I should give up?

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Game : MonoBehaviour


	public float Money = 100f;
	public float MoreMoney = 50f;

	public void ButtonClick()
		Money = (Money + MoreMoney);
			if Money = 500 (MoreMoney = 0);

Thanks for the help.

The if query should be in brackets and what should be done in curly brackets.

if (money==500)

also == is for comparison = is for assignment.

Ps.I was at this stage once, don’t give up it gets easier.